project new earth - Black Theatre Live

CAS (Chinese Arts Space, is planning Project New Earth in
2015/16, inspired by the history of the Chinese Labour Corps who served
behind the Western Front during WW1:
This follows CAS’s successful Project New Moon in 2014/15.
We plan to commission TWO exciting contemporary 15mins performances
(music, dance, theatre, live art or cross-artforms) to complement two short
multimedia digital artworks, for touring across the UK:
ONE of the live pieces will be Dance / Combined Arts suitable for The Place,
and the other can be any artform
ONE of the pieces has to be upbeat / large scale, suitable for Chinese New
Year celebrations on the Trafalgar Square stage, eg. celebrating peace,
survival or victory achieved with the CLC, rather than sadness, loss or
death, which would be inauspicious for CNY
CAS welcomes contemporary / abstract / experimental proposals,
especially in music, dance or live art. Scripted theatre can be literal and is
welcome for smaller stages (we’ll tour to a variety of venues)
Theatre-makers - if you’re aiming for the Trafalgar Square stage - visual
physical theatre with a strong narrative works better outdoors than
naturalism, eg. Greek chorus or other forms of Chinese / East Asian
outdoor physical theatre.
What do we need?
One sentence summarising your idea
One paragraph / page, expanding your concept
CV/showreel/soundcloud/sample scene/links, showing yr previous work
Number & names of possible collaborators (if known) and their links
Technical requirements (if known) NB. Touring, so please keep to a minimum
Proposed budget (if known)
Proposed schedule?
Deadline for submissions: 12 noon, Friday 31 July 2015
Selection: 3 August
CAS submission to ACE: 13 August
Funding decision: 6 November
Initial presentations: The Place, and CNY stage in Trafalgar Square;
possibly Leicester Square or Shaftesbury Ave stages (for smaller works),
early February 2016
Short UK tour: April-June 2016 (month tbc)
Email submissions
Please send your proposals by 12 noon, Friday 31 July to CAS General
Manager, Xiaoxiao Sun: [email protected]
Good luck with your creative thinking; we look forward to your proposals!
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