Benefits of Musical Theatre for younger children:

Benefits of Musical Theatre for
younger children:
Young years are vitally important and are the best time to encourage training in
performing arts. Performing Arts Skills are building blocks for the rest of their lives
that will be required and utilised in mental, physical and emotional development. So
many studies have proved the benefit of dance/drama/music and children’s
development. Children who have participated in dance/music/theatre from a young
age cope better in school, have increased attention spans, are creative problemsolvers and are better balanced and adjusted. These are just a few of the benefits
children acquire from participating in the arts. Parents who treat their children to
these classes are making the wisest investment possible.
Benefits of Dance for Everyone:
Increased Self Confidence
Builds social skills
Ensures A Happy Self
PASG Classes Focus on:
Developing Creativity
Expressing Emotion
Building Social Skills
Encouraging Independence
Building Self Confidence
Stimulating Mental Processes
Developing Rhythmic, Body and Spatial Awareness