CAS for parents-1

What Parents Need to Know
about CAS
The Heart of the IB Diploma Program
 To develop students who are:
 Reflective thinkers
 Willing to accept new challenges and roles
 Aware of themselves as members of communities
 Active participants in sustained, collaborative projects
 Balanced
8 Learning Outcomes
 Increase awareness of your own strengths and areas for
 Undertake new challenges
 Plan and initiate activities
 Work collaboratively with others
 Show perseverance and commitment in your activities
 Engage with issues of global importance
 Consider the ethical implications of your actions
 Develop new skills
Designing a CAS Program
 Make sure you have a balance of creativity, action, and
 Quality not quantity!
 Pursue a limited number of meaningful in-depth
commitments rather than a large number of activities
 Activities which integrate all 3 components are
 Regular participation in any form of art or craft, dance,
drama, music, film- making, photography, forensics
 May NOT count a class taken for credit or an activity
required for a class (e.g. IB dance performance)
 Designing and carrying out service projects is a good
way to express creativity
 Regular participation in sports or other forms of
physical activity
 Emphasis should be on learning a new skill or taking
on a new role
 Carrying out service projects may involve action (e.g.
Habitat for Humanity)
 ISB has lots of community service clubs and activities
available to choose from – during the week, on
weekends, and during GCW
 Designing your own service project is encouraged but
get approval from Mrs. Tananone first
 Must fulfill a genuine need
 Should involve collaboration with others
Service: What Doesn’t Count
 Activities for which you are paid or receive other
benefits (such as missing school!)
 Religious activities
 Helping your family or a relative
 Participation in ISB activities that benefit the HS
student body (can count these as action or creativity)
 Activities for which there is no adult supervision
Evaluation of CAS
 Self-reflection for each activity
 At least 1 reflection for each activity posted on
 Must demonstrate that you have met the 8 learning
 Sponsor evaluation for each activity
 Send “Supervisor Review” request forms to your
supervisors via Managebac
 Progress checks and interviews with CAS Coordinator
CAS and TSEA requirement
 One of the alternatives for IB diploma students
 85% choose 40 hours of direct service to the Thai
community (as part of their 50 hour CAS requirement)
 Majority of those select a CS course during GCW