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24 NOVEMBER 2013
Job Title: IT Assistant
Location: Regional Bureau - Cairo
Contract: Special Service Agreement
Duration: Three Months
Within delegated authority, the IT Assistant (Software Development) will be
responsible for the following duties: (These duties are generic and thus not all inclusive nor are all
duties carried out by all Staff Assistants).
Maintain inventory of material and/or database of information, such as, computer related
equipment, communications equipment, website content, training material, etc;
Maintain logs or archives of information, such as computer related logs, trouble tickets,
directories, website publications, registries, data warehouses, reports, etc;
Assist in the deployment/dissemination of standard material, such as, computer hardware
and/or software, applications, programs, directories, telephony, web content, publications,
database content, training material, etc;
Assist in the maintenance of systems and equipment by carrying out routine tasks, such as
backing up data, monitoring network and systems, servers and peripherals, running systems
diagnostics, patch management and system optimization, removing viruses and bad data,
Administer user access to systems and databases, monitor system and application usage;
Assist in resolution of problems by monitoring inboxes and responding to queries,
identifying and forwarding issues to the appropriate person;
Maintain web pages, electronic documents, statistical databases; maintain Information and
Knowledge Management (IKM) applications and procedures and provide support to IKM
Assist in training and support of users of technology and systems, such as
audio/videoconferences, meetings, databases, registries, networks, etc;
Perform other related duties as required.
Specific Terms of Reference:
Contribute to the development and maintenance of the website(s), Applications and
Provide support in the planning, specification, and design of the requested websites and/or
Database Applications; Develop, implement and maintain the Programme’s Applications;
Assist in design, development and deployment of databases;
Draft, edit, package, compile, summarize and propose content updates for the Programme’s
websites and applications;
Prepare related documentation for the systems and ensure documentation is up to date;
Qualifications & Education:
Secondary school education, including or supplemented by course(s) related to the area of work.
At least four years of progressively responsible job related experience in information technology or
information management, such as, software development, system analysis, web design or similar.
Fluency in both oral and written communications in English and Arabic.
Other Desirable Skills: (Additional skills which the candidate should possess to provide a competitive edge
versus other candidates.)
Experience working in an international organization or multicultural environment.
A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Engineering or Computer Science. Specialized training
in System Analysis or information management or ITIL.
Proficiency in Drupal development and related IT: Javascript, HTML, W3C standards such as XHTML,
XML, MySQL database and PHP scripting language.
Experience in .NET, visual Studio and Relational Database.
Experience in MS SQL, SQL Queries, SQL Server, Microsoft Access.
Experience in Reporting tools such as Crystal Reports or Microsoft Reporting Services is desirable.
Excellent coordination skills, with ability to work under pressure and handle multiple activities and
projects concurrently; Ability to design, develop, maintain websites/databases and programming skills
required; Ability to correctly interpret data from various information sources; Attention given to detail on
daily work activities.
Ability to express ideas clearly, concisely and persuasively.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural environment.
Candidates meeting these qualifications are requested to send their CVs to the following Email address:
[email protected]
Only short-listed candidates meeting the required qualifications will be contacted.
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