Unit 4: The Industrial Revolution

Unit 4: The Industrial Revolution
 Define the following terms and explain their significance to the Industrial Revolution :
Crop Rotation
Social Class
Trade Union
Economic Liberalism
Karl Marx
Labour laws
Adam Smith
 Questions to answer:
1. Where did the Industrial Revolution begin? How did this make conquering other
countries easier?
2. Discuss the causes, the inventions and consequences of the Industrial Revolution.
3. What was the role of Machines (mechanization) in the Industrial Revolution?
4. How were children’s lives different during the Industrial Revolution? (Imagine you are a
child during the Industrial Revolution.) Describe a day in your life.
5. Why are COAL, IRON, STEAM ENGINES, and RAILWAYS called the “four pillars of
industrialization”? Why were they important to this revolution?
6. What was the new factory system? How did the Industrial revolution change the
way that goods were produced?
7. Describe the difference between the three social classes – Industrial Bourgeoisie,
Petty Bourgeoisie, and the Working Class. (Think about living conditions, income,
education, health, etc.)
8. What did workers do to improve their working conditions? (Include unions,
socialism, labor laws)
9. What is the difference between a capitalist and a socialist economic system?