Industrial Revolution Project

Industrial Revolution Project
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Have you ever felt as if you were being treated unfairly on your job, at home or at
school? Does it seem as if your efforts go unappreciated and as if your labor is being
taken for granted? Of course, you have felt this way! We all have… until we learn about
the working conditions in the early factories in Great Britain and elsewhere. Just what
were those working conditions like?
While the Industrial Revolution was a time of inventiveness and increasing wealth for
many, it had negative effects on many other members of society. In this activity, you’ll
think about who the losers of the Industrial Revolution were, and you will read some
accounts of what it was like for the working classes.
All links for this project can be found at:
Read at least three testimonials from the following sites and then write a speech
pretending you’re a humanitarian individual working on behalf of the people featured on
these pages. Be sure to incorporate conditions and issues you have read on the websites
provided. What would you say to the world about the Industrial Revolution and its
impacts on people? What changes would you propose to make things better?
Speeches must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs.
Child Labor
* The Life of the Industrial Worker in 19th-Century England
* Modern History Sourcebook: Leeds Woollen Workers Petition, 1786
* Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions