Unruly Americans in the Revolution

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Unruly Americans in the Revolution Questions
Directions: After reading Unruly Americans in the Revolution by Woody Holton, answer the following questions to the
best of your ability. You may need to search for additional resources to fully answer each question.
Due: First day of school, Tuesday, August 18, 2015
1. Gentry
2. Proclamation of 1763
3. Promulgated
4. Insurgency
5. Dominions
6. Recalcitrant
7. Insurrection
8. Political virtue
Short Answer:
9. What are the three major areas that the British tried to regulate for the colonists?
10. What is the cause of the Boston Massacre according to the article?
11. How did women rally in support of the American Revolution?
12. What is the purpose of the Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon survey? What long term implications arise from
this survey?
13. What role do African Americans play in the fight for freedom? Cite one piece of evidence from the reading to
emphasize your point.
14. How did the Treaty of Paris regard Native Americans?
15. Describe one benefit and one detriment for African Americans after the Revolution.
16. What initial benefits did women encompass as the Revolutionary War ended?
17. How do the basic principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence differ from the new nation’s reality?