Representation letter

London on: 1st Mar.2013
Letter of Authority
Re: Mr. Ahmed Al-Tamimey
Cambridge Training College Britain which is based in London registered
training company number: 5834805 hereby authorise Ahmed Al-Tamimey to
represent the College in the following capacity:
1- To promote and market the College courses and programmes in Egypt
and the Middle East and Africa.
2- To arrange for training and provide professional specialists trainers to
execute the College Training programs.
3- To act as an examiner for all students in Egypt and the Middle East
and Africa, also to monitor and invigilate the examinations or appoint
examiners or invigilators to carry out the examinations.
4- To select and appoint trainers and specialists to provide all courses
and programs provided by the College.
5- To evaluate course progress and to report back to the board of
Directors in London.
6- To generate new cooperation contracts by arrangements with
Cambridge Training College Britain and negotiate on behalf of the
college the Middle East and Africa .
The duration of this Letter of Authority is one year starting from the date of this
Signed BY.
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