Video: Death in Gaza

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Video: Death in Gaza
1. What 2 groups are in conflict in Gaza?
2. What happened to the director of this film?
3. What is a “targeted assassination”?
4. Why were some kids collecting flesh?
5. Where do they say 80% of suicide bombing are planned?
6. How do children combat tanks?
7. How do the tanks respond?
8. What area does the crew head to that is under Palestinian authority?
9. What 2 areas of Palestine were not colonized by the Israelis?
10. What country do local paramilitaries smuggle weapons from?
11. Whose posters are hung around the cities?
12. When do the paramilitaries come out?
13. What do children do in Rafah in case they are killed?
14. What does Ahmed do every Friday? Who are among the men there?
15. Why does the Israeli army claim they knock down homes?
16. How is martyrdom viewed?
17. What was Ahmed’s reaction to his friend’s death?
18. Describe Ahmed’s reaction to the shooting outside?
19. What emotions did you feel when you heard the children’s reading of the “patriotic” poem?
20. Did 14 year old Salem survive?
21. How is the saying “Victory or death” changed?
22. How does Ahmed contribute to the paramilitaries?
23. How are the Israeli bulldozers different than ours?
24. What type of equipment do reporters wear to protect them?
25. How did the extremists respond to James’ death?
26. How did Ahmed react to James’ death?