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5th Grade Math
Mid-Module 1 Assessment
Place Value and Decimal Fractions
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1. Compare using >, <, or =.
a. 3 thousandths + 2 hundredths
b. 3 tens 2 tenths 2 thousandths
3 x 103 + 5 x 100 + 6 × 10
34 tenths
3 x 1000 + 5 x 102 + 6 × 10
2. Model the number 4.44 on a place value chart.
a. Use words, numbers, and your model to explain why each of the digits has a different
value. Be sure to use “ten times as much” and “one tenth of” in your explanation.
b. Multiply 4.44 x 104. Explain the shift of the digits, the change in the value of each digit,
and the number of zeroes in the product.
c. What would happen to the digits if you divided 4.44 by 104?
3. Rainfall collected in a rain gauge was found to be 5.4 cm when rounded to the nearest tenth
of a centimeter.
SELECT ALL the measurements below that could be the actual measurement of the rainfall.
5.352 cm
5.459 cm
5.399 cm
5.34 cm
4. Annual rainfall total for cities in Arizona are listed below.
0.12 meters
0.117 meters
0.248 meters
0.107 meters
a. Put the rainfall measurements in order from least to greatest.
b. Write the smallest total rainfall in word form and expanded form.
c. Round each of the rainfall totals to the nearest tenth.
d. Convert Flagstaff’s rainfall from meters to centimeters. Show the strategy you used for
the conversion.
5. Express the following number using expanded form with fractions or decimals:
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