In Class Review Sheet for Test on Wednesday Compare using

In Class Review Sheet for Test on Wednesday
1. Compare using >, <, or =. Solve for both sides if necessary
a. 1x 1/10 + 5x 1/100 + 7x 1/1000 _____________0.27
b. 5 thousandths + 2 tenths ________0.205
c. 2 tenths 5 hundredths 1 thousandth _________25.1
d. 75 tenths_______________ 7.50
e. 8 x 104 + 3 x 100 + 5 × 1/10 ______________8× 1000 +2x 102+7 x 1/10
2. Model the number 5.34 on the place value chart.
3. Multiply 3.42 x 104. Explain the shift of the digits, the change in the value of each digit, and the number
of zeroes in the product.
b. Divide the product from above by 102. Explain the shift of the digits and how the value of each digit
4. Rainfall collected in a rain gauge was found to be 8.3 cm when rounded to the nearest tenth of a
a. Circle all the measurements below that could be the actual measurement of the rainfall.
8.351 cm
8.349 cm
8.302 cm
8.395 cm
b. Convert the rounded measurement to meters. Write an equation to show your work.
5. Annual rainfall total for cities in New York are listed below.
Rochester 0.47 meters
Ithaca 0.547 meters
Saratoga Springs 1.54 meters
New York City
1.478 meters
a. Put the rainfall measurements in order from least to greatest. Write the smallest total rainfall in word
form and expanded form.
____________ ______________ _________________ _________________
Word Form:_________________________________________________________
Expanded Form_______________________________________________________
b. Use the information from number 5: Imagine New York City’s rainfall is the same every year. How much
rain would fall in 100 years?
c. Use the information from number 5b: Write an equation using an exponent that would express the 100year total rainfall. Explain how the digits have shifted position and why.
d. Round each of the rainfall amounts from number 5 to the nearest tenth.
Rochester _______________________
Ithaca _______________________
Saratoga Springs _______________________
New York City
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