Grade 5-Assignment Debate Blogger with Example

1080 Lexile - 5th Grade
Blog Writing
No More Snow Days
Debate Writing as a Blogger:
The article No More Snow Days explores the benefits and challenges of trading snow
days for online learning e-days.
Write an essay, as a blogger, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of e-days.
Include specific details from the article to support your essay.
Enter your essay text here or type it on your computer and attached it to this paper
1080 Lexile - 5th Grade
No More Snow Days?
I know what you’re thinking…how can we possibly give up snow days? Isn’t it the
best feeling to find out that school is canceled, especially when you heard “snow” in the
weather forecast and didn’t do your homework because you were hoping for a snow day.
Those days are supposed to be for watching television and drinking hot cocoa right? Well,
not any more. Many schools are trying “e-days,” where students complete online
assignments at home. This helps classes to continue even though students aren’t actually in
school. Students may play online games that teach about spending money, or chat with
their friends on Facebook about an assignment.
Many people think that e-days are great. For example, school districts save lots of
money because they don’t have to pay for school bus transportation, electricity or the
custodians. E-days also mean that schools don’t have to extend the calendar. Which also
means students wouldn’t have to make up days in June! E-days will also prevent learning
setbacks. Teachers usually give the most difficult material during the winter months so not
having to cancel school too many days in a row will help students.
Although there are many benefits to e-days not everyone supports the idea. Many
families do not have Internet access with high speeds for students to play these online
games. What about those families that only have one computer and three children? How
will they all get their work done? It can also be hard for students who have questions about
an assignment since there is no teacher there to ask for help.
As you can see there are two sides to this debate. Which side are you on?