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ISEE-Young 2015
2nd ISEE Europe’s Young Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology
Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2-3 Nov., 2015
Abstract form
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Name the file: surname_initials_<number of abstract>
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If you submit multiple abstracts: snow_j_1.docx, snow_j_2.docx, …
Title: maximum 20 words
Authors: example Snow, John (1); Whitehead, Henry (2)
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Affiliations: (1) Westminster Hospital, London, UK; (2) St. Luke, London, UK
Text: maximum 300 words
Background and aims:
Topics: Please select 2-3 from the list below, separated by commas
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Topics: Select 2-3 topic areas per abstract.
Air pollution, noise
Biomakers, genetic susceptibility, epigenetics and other -omics
Climate change
Environmental contaminants, other
Environmental equity, socio-economic position
Exposure assessment
EMF, mobile phones, UV and ionizing radiation
Greenspace, built environment
Health impact assessment
Indoor air quality
Livestock-related exposures
Methods, including statistical
Mobility, physical activity, and health
Occupational exposures
Spatial epidemiology and GIS
Water quality, disinfection by-products
Cardio-metabolic diseases
Neurobehavioral effects
Neurodegenerative outcomes
Reproductive outcomes
Respiratory outcomes