Farrell Hasketh-Boston

As the sun shone brightly on the summit, the snow was
like a toasted marshmallow, not moving. The sun danced
like a leaf swaying in the wind. Snow was deep; birds
were calling; people were climbing. On the unstable
landscape, crevasses were created, avalanches were made
and the taste of tension was unescapable. If you got to
the top, you would see the panoramic view of the
Himalayas stretching for miles. The snow was a cloud, it
covered anything, anyway.... A scent of danger could be
tasted and itfelt as if Everest was bigger than the world
! This is certainly a scintilating journey to embark upon.
Softly, the snow flakes trickle on your face, then melt at
the result of oxygen. What a beautiful mountain.
Beautiful but deadly beyond belief...