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Kindergarten Snow Day! Tic-Tac-Toe
Choice Activities
Parents: Help your child choose three of the nine activities on this Tic Tac
Toe Board to complete during the snowday.
1. Reading – Read your
favorite story and create an
original illustration for your
favorite part.
2. Math – Practice writing
numbers 0 – 20.
3. Science – Go outside and
get a cup of snow. Bring it
inside and place it on the
kitchen counter. Watch what
happens to the snow when it’s
inside your house.
How long did it take for the
snow to melt?
4. Writing - Sequence the
activities you did on your snow
day. List the activities in
order. Use words like first,
then, after, later to organize
your list.
5. Science – What do you
think the wild animals who live
in Ashland are doing during a
snow day? How do you think
they are staying warm? Share
your thoughts with mom or dad
to write. Draw a picture to
help with your explanation.
6. Reading – Watch a TV show
on PBS. Have mom or dad list
the show. Tell them what
happened first, in the middle
and at the end of the show.
Share what you thought was
the best part of the show.
7. Math – Make a list of your
favorite toys from smallest to
biggest. Use a ruler, yard stick
or tape measure to see how
long each toy is.
8 . Free Space- Build a
fort. Whether you want to
build a fortress for an epic
space battle or have tea inside
a princess castle made out of
blankets, a fort could be a
great story starter. What will
your story be? Feel free to tell
your story to a family member
inside your fort.
9. Math – Cut out numbers
from magazines. Glue (or tape)
them onto a piece of paper
making a number collage.
Connect the numbers from
smallest to largest.
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