DUE: Thursday, January 21, 2016
Materials needed:
large black or blue construction paper
a small, medium, and large white circles
glue, tape or staples
family background information
lots of imagination
Step 1: Ask your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or guardians about your family heritage (is your
family from Asia, Africa, Singapore, Hawaii, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Bosnia, Poland,
Greece, Israel. . .). Whatever the answer is, gather materials to adorn your snow person in clothing to
show your family background. Make it fun and colorful by including fabrics, string, yarn, sand, tree
branches or anything that will make the picture come alive. (These projects will be hung in the hall for all
to see. Please make sure that things are put on your project securely.)
Step 2: Arrange your three white circles on the black or blue paper so they form a snow man/woman.
Step 3: Once you have decorated your snow person, write a fictional narrative story about your newly
created character. Remember to have the following elements in your story:
First Paragraph- Beginning: characters, setting, problem
Middle Paragraphs-2 or more events that do not solve the problem
Conclusion Paragraph-Ending: Solution to the problem or story conclusion
Also, have the name of the country you are representing, decorate the background paper to fit the
setting of the story and HAVE FUN!!! Attach the story to the bottom of the decorated snowman paper