Changing Australian Communities

Focus Area 5A2:
Ways In Which Australian Communities Are Responding To Change
What is an Australian community?
Different types of Australian communities
Your Community Activity
Looks Like
Feels Like
Shared Spaces
Social Organisations
 A street
 A park
 A suburb
 An LGA
 A City
Who has heard the following phrases?
 a bad trot
 a brick short of a load
 a change is as good as a holiday
 a crock
 a freckle past a hair
 a sandwich short of a picnic
 Sporting
 Professional
 Farming
 Political parties
 Interest
 Religion
 Language
 Technology
Thinking about a community that you:
 Are aware of
 Participate in
 Live in
Complete the Types of Australian Communities
activity sheet
To be handed in at end of class
What is a community
What are the different types of communities?
An example of a community that you
live/participate/ know of