govCMS Reading Room Presentation

What is govCMS?
• Whole of Government Content Management
• Provides quality websites designed for the user
which are mobile responsive, secure and
• Compliant with Australian Government
• Built on Drupal Open Source Software
• Hosted in the Public Cloud
• Software as a Service offering
Why govCMS?
• govCMS supports the Government’s policy for
eGovernment and the Digital Economy
• govCMS supports the Open Source Software
• govCMS supports the Australian Government
Cloud Computing Policy (version 3)
• govCMS follows best practice service design,
based on the Australian Government’s emerging
Digital Service Standard
• govCMS makes sense
How does govCMS work?
• Optional for agencies and not mandated
• Designed for unclassified public facing
government websites
• Can assist entities of all sizes, across all tiers of
government regardless of where they are in the
life cycle
• Flexible to offer an end to end service or just
managed hosting in a shared environment
• Based on the distribution for govCMS
How does govCMS work?
• Web compliant templates and themes
• Flexible approach to professional services to
meet all budgets
• Range of hosting plans available
• Memorandum of Understanding to procure
What are the benefits of govCMS?
High quality websites
Cost savings
Easier procurement – no approach to the
market required
How much interest is there in
• Early Adopter Program
• Interest from all tiers of government
• Further information at