Ten Thousand Miles Away

Ten Thousand Miles Away
Sing ho for a brave and a gallant ship And a fast and favoring breeze
With a bully crew and a captain to To carry me over the seas
To carry me over the seas me boys To my true love far away
She’s doing grand in a distant land ten thousand miles away
Chorus after each verse
So blow, ye winds high ho, a roving I will go
I'll stay no more on England's shore so let the music play
I’ll catch the morning train and cross the raging maine
Im taking a trip on a government ship ten thousand miles away
For my true love was beautiful, And my true love she was young
Her eyes they shone like diamonds bright, and silvery sounds her tongue
And silvery sounds her tongue me boys, And while I sing this lay
She doing the grand in a distant land, Ten thousand miles away.
Oh dark and dismal was the day when last I saw my Meg
She'd a Government band around each hand And another one round her leg
Oh another one round her leg my boys As the big ship left the bay
Adieu she says "remember me Ten thousand miles away"
Oh, the sun may shine through the London fog Or the river run quite clear
Or the ocean brine turn into wine Or I forget my beer
Or I forget my beer my 'boys Or the landlord's quarter pay
For I forget me own true love Ten thousand miles away
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