Daily_Spiral_Review 5.7

Daily Spiral Review
3rd Grade 5.7
Stephanie Turnbow
Choose the best answer.
What time is shown on the clock
A 3:07
B 3:35
C 7:03
D 7:15
Choose the best answer.
Which digit is in the thousands place
of 49,316?
A 9
B 4
C 3
D 1
Choose the best answer.
What are the next two numbers in the
pattern below?
78, 80, 82, ___, ___
A 84, 82
B 86, 84
C 84, 86
D 84, 88
Choose the best answer.
There are twice as many girls as boys in
Ms. Evans’s class. There are 6 boys. How
many students are there all together?
A 24
B 18
C 12
D 9
Three groups of 8 tourists
went on a hike with Ranger
Bob. How many tourists went
all together?
How do you know if a
number is the product of a
factor multiplied by 5?
The digit in the ones place
is 0 or 5.
Find the sum.
A rabbit can run as fast as 35
miles per hour. That is 26
miles per hour faster than a
chicken. How many miles
per hour can a chicken run?
San Antonio, TX, has an area
of 408 square miles. Reno,
NV, has an area of 69 square
miles. How many more
square miles is the area of
San Antonio than Reno?