Letter to the Editor

Sample -- Letter to the Editor
The [INSERT ISSUE] offers the ideal moment to stop and think about water and
how essential it is to our quality of life.
Indispensable to jobs, the economy, our health, and our communities, water runs
through our lives in many ways but it is often taken for granted. It’s time for that
to change.
Unlike people in many parts of the world, Americans have access to safe and
clean water and sanitation services. Thanks to our world-class water and
wastewater treatment systems, we have all but eliminated fatal diseases such as
cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and hepatitis.
The crucial and unseen hero of this story is the vast infrastructure — 800,000
miles of water pipe and 600,000 miles of sewer line — that transports water for
treatment and delivery. These systems have worked silently for years, in some
cases more than a century, without major interruptions.
Now they need our attention and investment to keep the infrastructure functional
for current and future generations. Delaying work to rehabilitate and expand
infrastructure will only increase future costs.
The world's water supply is finite. Unreliable access to clean water and water
services, water shortages, and failing infrastructure systems are very real
problems that we must work together to address.
We believe this [INSERT ISSUE] is an important step in ensuring our community
continues to have access to the clean and safe water it needs. To better
understand the issues and answer any questions about how our actions,
attitudes, and the things we most value are so closely connected with water, we
recommend that you go to www.WatersWorthIt.org.
Be as good to water as water’s been to you. WATER’S WORTH IT.