16. Development of gold deposits "Jerooy"
Purpose: development of gold source "Jerooy".
Tasks in the project:
 development of natural resources;
 replenish the state budget through the sale
of licenses and royalties to the state
Funding and logistical support:
 Project Cost: $ 1.2 billion;
 the launch date of the project: 2014 - 2025
 project duration: ongoing;
 sourcing raw materials: 50% of the equipment imported mestnye/50%;
 sources of labor: 90% mestnye/10% foreign.
 The socio-economic impact:
 increase in tax revenue:
 Taxes (royalty of 5% sales tax + 2%) - 215 0 U.S. $ mn
 Income taxes - 89 577 thousand U.S. $
 Income Tax 207.0 thousand USD (based on annual payroll)
 Social Fund 230.7 thousand USD (based on
The strategic importance:
annual payroll.)
 Development of the region
 injections into the economy of the country:
(the flow of funds to the local
- Capital expenditures - 15.2 billion soms;
- Operating expenses - 39.6 billion soms.
 replenish the state budget;
The field with the nearest settlement with.
 use of local raw materials and
Kara dirt road, 30 km, from c. Kara asphalt
manpower resources
motorway to the nearest railway station Taraz
Republic of Kazakhstan 157 km long. The
distance to the regional center of Talas 64 km.
The deposit is a stockwork zone of silicification in the quartz diorite within
which examined four areas: North-West, South-East, Central, and Eastern flank.
Ore legkoobogatimaya. According to the results of semi-technological
research recommended scheme of direct sorption cyanidation ore grade - 0.044
mm. Gold recovery in this case is 90-93%.
Gold reserves accounted state balance reserves are 80.9 tons.
The field is not licensed and is included in the list of objects to be distributed on a
competitive basis (Government of the KR dated 25.06.2011 № 410 g).