embedding sustainability in teaching

numbers in
the News
If all the cans in the UK were
recycled we would need
14 million fewer dustbins.
275000 tonnes of plastic is
used each year in the UK –
about 15 million bottles per
Out of 24 million tonnes of
aluminium produced annually,
51000 tonnes ends up as
packaging in the UK.
£36,000,000 worth of
aluminium is thrown away each
The UK uses about 12 billion cans each
year. These placed end to end would
stretch to the moon and back!!!
• The UK disposes of 50,000,000
tyres per year – the law prevents
them going to landfill sites.
• We waste 500,000 tons of food per
year; it is worth £400 million and
disposal costs £50 million. Only a
fraction is handed to charitable
• If UK domestic recycling was increased to
40%, up to 10,000 new jobs would be
Large numbers are everywhere!!!
Large numbers are even in pop songs!
‘A million love songs’ Gary Barlow
‘Nine million bicycles’ Katie Melua,
‘500 miles’ The Proclaimers, ‘
‘A thousand miles’ Vanessa Carlyon,
‘2000 miles’ The Pretenders
‘A thousand years’ Christina Perry
• Can you add to this list?