Syllabi Spanish 3

Course Title: Spanish 3
Teacher: Maria Bautista Room 215
Contact information: [email protected]
Planning Block: 4th Block
Textbook Series: Realidades 3
Publisher: Pearson Prentice-Hall, Copyright 2008
Course Overview
In Spanish III, students continue to develop their communicative and cultural competence by interacting orally and in writing with
other Spanish speakers, understanding oral and written messages in the language, and making oral and written presentations in
Spanish. They communicate on a variety of topics at a level commensurate with their study, using more complex structures in the
language and moving from concrete to more abstract concepts in a variety of time frames. They comprehend the main ideas of
authentic materials that they listen to and read and are able to identify significant details when the topics are familiar. Students develop
the ability to sustain a conversation in Spanish about topics that include historical and contemporary events and issues. Emphasis
continues to be placed on use of Spanish in the classroom as exclusively as possible, as well as on use of authentic materials to learn
about the Spanish language and culture(s).
Spanish III covers the corresponding Spanish Standards of Learning available at:
Why study Spanish?
● People who know more than one language are better able to think creatively and abstractly.
● In a Florida study, Kids who knew two languages scored an average of 23 to 34 points higher on both math and language arts standardized
tests than kids who spoke one language.
● According to an MIT study, people who know two or more languages earn an average of $128,000 more in their lifetimes.
Required Materials for Class:
3-ring binder with dividers for Spanish class only if possible. Divide binder into 5 categories
categories: Notes(Notas), Homework(Tarea), Classwork(Trabajos en clase), Bellwork(trabajos de
campana), Vocabulary(Vocabulario)
Spiral notebook or a composition notebook is required for journal writing in class.
Writing utensils
Notebook paper
Index Cards
Español III
tentative syllabus
Days 1-10
Para Empezar
Daily routines, school life
Leisure activities
Present tense verbs
Reflexive verbs
Weekend activities
Celebrations, special events
Verbs like gustar
Possessive adjectives (my, your, his, her, etc.)
Days 11-21
Hiking objects, activities, and perils
Preterit verbs with the spelling change i->y
Preterit verbs with the spelling change e->i
Preterit verbs with the spelling change o->u
Days 22-32
Getting ready for an academic or athletic competition
Emotional responses to competition
Awards and ceremonies
The imperfect
Uses of the imperfect
Days 33-43
Describing art and sculpture
Tools for painting
Describing what influences art
The preterit vs. the imperfect
The past participle with estar
Days 44-54
Musical instruments
Describing dance
Describing drama
Ser vs estar
Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns
Days 55-65
Illnesses and pains
Habits for good health
Affirmative tú commands
Affirmative and negative commands with Ud. and Uds.
Days 66-76
Days 77-87
Getting and staying in shape
Health advice
The subjunctive of regular verbs
The subjunctive of irregular verbs
The subjunctive of stem-changing verbs
Personality traits
Interpersonal behavior
The subjunctive with verbs of emotion
Conflict resolution
Nosotros commands
Days 87-90
General review and FINAL EXAM
Course Evaluation:
Assessments will be made in listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. Six weeks grades will be
determined as follows:
15 %
Participation/Classwork 20 %
(May be retaken once prior to the next test with the highest grade being recorded.
must come during own time for the re-take).
Speeches/Skits 10%
Sequence of Assessments
Students will be assessed weekly for homework and participation. With each textbook chapter, students will
be assessed using, at a minimum, 4-6 quizzes. Quizzes will vary in their format, but will include written,
listening and oral assessments. Each chapter studied will have a culminating comprehensive chapter test,
which will also include a listening and an oral portion.
Is assigned nightly and discussed in class the following day. Students are expected to correct their work as it
is discussed in class. Points will be deducted for not correcting homework. Some homework will be graded for
completion and some will be graded for accuracy. Students who choose not to do their homework may turn it
late for reduced credit (-10 pts. for every day work is late…more than five days late, maximum grade will be a
Participation grades will be given on a weekly basis. It includes and is not limited to students’ behavior and
cooperation in class. Students will be informed and warned when loosing participation points due to
misbehavior issues. The following in class activities will be considered classwork: Written and oral classwork
assigned in class, weekly bellworks, exit pass activities, notebook checks, journal entries, etc.
Late work procedures
Students will lose 10 points for every day work is late. After 5 days late the maximum grade will be a 50%
Student MUST write the date when work was turned in, if no date is provided speeches, the teacher will use
the date when the work was graded. Late work policy applies to projects and as well.
Missed work due to absences
It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher for work missed due to absence from class. Identical
to the School policy, all missed assignments must be made up within a reasonable amount of time: 3 school
days. If no work is turned in, student will receive a zero for all missing assignments due to absences. Parents
are invited to contact teacher at any time regarding student’s grades and /or missing work.
Honor Code:
Students are expected to follow the school honor code. If caught cheating or getting
answers from other students (unless working on an assignment that specifically allows you to work in
partners) you will receive a zero for the assignment and be referred to the office for disciplinary
action. I do not tolerate cheating in any form and the student will not receive a “second chance”
when it comes to cheating. This is especially important to keep in mind on homework assignments.
Classroom Procedures
-Cell phones are to be turned off and out of sight. There are no warnings. Cell
phones will be confiscated immediately and placed in the box provided by your
teacher. After your cell phone has been confiscated once, you will be expected
to place your cell phone in the box every day upon entering the room.
-A participation grade is given every week. The following will be taken into
consideration when giving a participation grade: behavior in class, work
completion on a timely manner, the ability to work with others, the ability to
follow classroom procedures and rules, oral participation in class and
preparedness to class.
-Students are to be in their seats and quiet when the bell rings. Students are
also expected to begin working on the bell work assignment. Students MUST have a
pass when coming to class late.
-NO PERMISSIONS will be granted the first 20 minutes of class and/or the
last 20 minutes of class.
-Students must ask permission to use the restroom or get a drink. Students must signout, and return promptly. These privileges can be revoked at any time if I see fit.
Students are required to use “el papelito.” Students are allowed 20 breaks per semester.
Once these run out, students will not be allowed to leave the classroom except for
-After any absence, you will be responsible for retrieving any missed work. There is a
binder in the front of the room in which all missed work will be labeled and dated. You
are required to turn in any work due on the date of the absence the day you return to
school. If turned in later, 5 points will be deducted for each day late. For each
missed assignment due to absence, you will have 3 days to complete the assignment once
you return to school.
- Quizzes may be retaken within a week of the date the quiz is returned to you. This may
be done one more time before the next text with only the highest grade being recorded.
(Teacher must require evidence of preparedness for the re-take).
-Students will be dismissed by teacher and not by the bell. YOU MAY NOT STAND AT
-Student will lose 5 points in participation when NOT prepared for class.
-Only water is permitted in class-exceptions would be teacher organized “fiesta”
-Students must respect everyone in class and must let the teacher teach.
Classroom procedures will reflect all policies and regulations as outlined in the student handbook.
Need extra help? I am available after school or extra help from 3:15-3:45 every
day. Please let me know one day in advance when you are planning to stay for
tutoring. I am here to help, so never be afraid to ask.
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
I have read the syllabus provided and undertand my responsibilities and
expectations as a student in Srta. Bautista’s class. I agree to the rules
stated and understand what is required of me. I will always try my best
to bring the ítems required to class and obey all procedures of the class
as listed in this syllabus.
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Signature
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