Mi Librito (storybook project)

¡Mi Librito!
(My storybook!)
Look at the examples of children's storybooks in your teacher's classroom. With a partner
you will decide on the type of book you are going to write in Spanish. Your options are:
Storybook Options:
1. Choose your favorite childhood book to write in Spanish. You will need to adapt the
language to use verbs and vocabulary you know.
2. An alphabet/ counting book using words and numbers in Spanish.
3. Explain how something works or how to do something in Spanish: the weather, how to
tell time, ordering in a restaurant, what to wear in different seasons.
4. Create your own children's storybook using the "Write Around" formula. You will
create your characters, the characters' problems, and how the characters solve the
Project Requirements:
1. Each book must have a minimum of 250 Spanish words.
2. Write your story on googledocs.com and share with your teacher.
3. You may only use vocabulary we have learned this year. Each group is allowed a
maximum of five new words that the teacher will provide. No online dictionaries
or translators allowed.
4. You must use at least one of the following:
regular -AR, -ER, -IR verbs; stem-changing verbs, -go verbs, irregular verbs
5. You must use at least 4 of the following grammar concepts:
-Immediate future
-Reflexive Verbs
-Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns
-Present Progressive
-Tener Expressions
-Recent Past (Acabar de + infinitive)
-Commands (tú or usted)
6. You must include artwork and graphics on each page of the book. You may create
your own, or get pictures ONLY FROM THE FOLLOWING SITES:
Project Format:
You may produce your book in Comic Life, Pages or a hard-copy (paper). All text must be
typed. If you choose to write your book using your laptop, you must send your project to
your teacher THE DAY BEFORE IT IS DUE, so that your teacher can print it.
We will have "story time" to present the books. You and your partner will read the story to
the class, and part of your grade is your storybook presentation.
Project timeline:
You will begin working on this project in class on Monday, April 23. You will work on the
project April 23 and April 24th. Your book text draft is due on Wednesday, May 2nd at
the beginning of class. Your teacher will give you feedback on your text by Friday, May
4th. Monday, May 7th is the last class period you will have to finalize your book. May 7th
is also the due date to turn in your book to your teacher if you write it in Comic Life or
Final books are due Tuesday, May 8th at the beginning of class. We will have story time
presentations on Tuesday May 8th and Wednesday May 9th during class.
This project will count as a test grade (100 points), and will be your last major grade for the
semester prior to exams.
April 23-24 : work on rough draft in class
April 25-27 : ¡Nueva York!
April 30- May 1 : work on rough draft
May 2 : *TURN IN Rough Draft (beginning of class)*
May 2-3 : make illustrations
May 4 : make corrections to your rough draft
May 7 : Work on final items to be accomplished in Mi Librito (check the rubric!)
May 8 : Finish Mi Librito (by 10:00 pm) and send to Señora Meurisse
May 9 – 10 = Story Time with period 5 (and hopefully LS Spanish students)
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