Spanish II

Spanish II
Final Exam Outline
• For each of 15 questions, you will hear
some background information in English
once. Then you will hear a passage in
Spanish twice and a question in English
once. Choose the correct answer and write
the number on your answer sheet. These are
from checkpt B exam 1 per 15 vocabulary
• You will be asked 3 questions and you must
answer with at least 5 correct sentences in Spanish
• What did you used to do when you were little?
• What do you do to prepare yourself in the morning
or at night? (Reflexive)
• What did you do this year in Spanish class?
• Cultura. Please explain the major
similarities and differences between
Spanish-speaking cultural celebrations and
those in the US as discussed in class. You
may organize your ideas in paragraph (2 or
more) form or create a VENN diagram. You
must include specific details and
• Los días festivos del mundo hispanoreading in Spanish about Hispanic holidays
with 10 T/F questions to answer (10)
• 5 short realia readings with one question to
answer each in English (5)
Vocabulary and Grammar
• This section will contain 20 multiple choice
questions worth ½ point each (10).
• There will also be 40 short answer fill ins
• It will cover all vocabulary topics studied
and major grammatical areas.
• Remember- there are a lot of topics for each
area, so there will be few questions per
Grammatical Content Covered
Ser vs. estar
Regular present tense verbs
Irregular present tense verbs
Question words- interrogatives
Reflexive verbs –se
Stem-changing verbs- “boot” verbs
Demonstrative adj. And pronouns
Grammatical Content Covered
Possessive adjectives and pronouns
Regular preterit verbs
Irregular preterit verbs
Imperfect verbs
Preterit vs. Imperfect to talk about the past
Progressive tenses
Objects- direct and indirect
• I. Choose 5 of 10 questions and answer in
complete Spanish sentences.(5)
• II either 2 short essays 75 words each or 1
longer essay 120 words (10 pts.)
• Short essay topics:
Un viaje que hice
Mi mejor amigo cuando era niño/a
Lo que hice en la clase de español este año
Una carta a la Sra. Crowe usando mandatos
directos para pedirle que cambie cosas para
el año que viene
Writing Continued
• Long essay topics:
• Mi niñez
• La cultura hispana tiene diferecias y
similitudes a la cultura de los Estados
• Mi fin de semana pasado
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