Density and Particle Size Review Answers

Density and Particle Size Review Answers
B. .001 g/cm3
C. 1.6g/cm
D. 1g/mL
E. 3.0 g/cm3
F. 4 grams
G. 5 g/cm3
H. 50g
I. A stream environment
J. At the top
K. Been sorted by size and density
L. Cold air is denser than warm air
M. From bottom to top: water mixed in with layered gravel, sand, and gold
dust, with air above the mixture
O. Have washed away
P. In the weakest current
Q. It has been sorted by particle size and density
R. It is denser
S. It is less dense than liquid B
T. It is more dense than water but less dense than salt water
U. Never, under normal conditions
V. Oil is less dense than vinegar
W. Particle density
X. Poor, they did not measure density
Z. Rock, aluminum, water, plastic, oil
AA. Seismic waves reflect off of more dense rocks differently than less
dense rocks.
BB. Silt is small with low density
CC. Size of particles
DD. The grains have different densities
EE. The helium is less dense than air
FF. The more dense materials were deposited before less dense materials
in ancient times just as they are now.
GG. The particles are being sorted by size
HH. The student puts the rock in a graduated cylinder filled with water and
records the volume of the rock
II. They are denser than the gravel
JJ. They are denser than water
KK. They are too heavy
LL. Why are grains of beach sand alike?
MM. Yes, Science is a way of knowing that many people use, not just