4th Grade Science

4th Science Unit D Review
Air that surrounds our planet.
Air pressure-
Air particles pressing down on a surface.
TroposphereLayer of the atmosphere that is
closest to the earth’s surface.
Greenhouse EffectHeat from the sun is trapped
in the atmosphere to warm earth.
FrontBorder formed where a cold air mass
and a warm air mass meet.
An instrument that measures air
An instrument that measures wind
The amount of water vapor in the
Where most weather occurs.
Warm Air- Low pressure, Less dense.
Cold Air- High pressure, more dense.
Wind Speed- Measured in km/hr. (kilometers/hour)
Measured in degrees.
Measured in centimeters.
ErosionMakes a beach smaller because it carries
sand and sediment away from the shore.
Gravitational force of the Moon on Earth’s
oceans is stronger than the gravitational force of the sun
because the moon is closer.
Deep Ocean Currentbeneath less dense water.
Inner Planetsbelt and the sun.
Dense water flows
Planets between the asteroid
Gas Giantsmade mostly of gases.
The 4 outer planets. Large spheres
OrbitThe path an object takes when revolving
around another object.
Outer Planets-
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
Small mass of ice and dust that orbits the
Solar Systemmove around it.
A central star and objects that
AsteroidsSmall rocky objects that move between
the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Telescopedistant object.
An instrument used to observe a
A group of stars that forms a pattern.
A burning sphere of gases.
A large object that moves around a star.
Earth has liquid water.
An imaginary line that earth rotates around.
Sunin our solar system.
The source of almost all the energy