Density - iPrep Physical Science

Physical Science
Ms. Bisnow
Write the question and answer in your
composition notebook.
1. A solar year is 365.24 days long. How
many minutes are in one solar year?
2. A scientist recorded the volume of a
liquid as 364.0 milliliters. Express this
volume in deciliters.
What is density?
Density is a comparison of how much
matter there is in a certain amount of
Which one is more dense?
Demonstration: People in a square
How about this: Which square is more
Which one is more dense?
Now which one is more dense?
What is density?
Density = mass OR
mass ÷ volume.
Units for density: g
 Why are these the units for density?
Let’s try a density problem together
Xavier has a paper clip. It has a mass of
9g and a volume of 3cm3. What is its
Max also has an eraser. It has a mass of
3g, and a volume of 1cm3. What is its
Work on these problems with your neighbor.
Karen has a rock. The rock has a mass of
6g and a volume of 3cm3. What is the
density of the rock?
Anetria has a gel pen. The gel pen has a
mass of 8g and a volume of 2cm3. What is
the density of the rock?
Now, try these on your own.
David has a watch. It has a mass of 4g
and a volume of 2cm3. What is the density
of the watch?
Jessica has a wallet. It has a mass of 15g
and a volume of 5cm3. What is the density
of the wallet?
Predict which object has the most
mass and which has the least.
Paper clip
Why does the wood float and the
paper clip sink?
The wood is heavier, but it is also
less dense!
SpongeBob floats,
but Patrick sinks!
Gizmo Instructions
Go to
Click “enroll in a class”
Your class enrollment code is __________.
Username: Initials and student ID (AB306067)
Password: Student ID (306067)
Density Gizmo
I will pick out different objects and stop to
weigh the mass, and have students record
in their notebooks the mass of each object.
Together we will do the calculations and
plan out in the notebooks how to properly
set up these problems.
Station 1: Measure the volume of the block
using rulers, and calculate the density.
Each group will be required to measure 4
different blocks, switching once they are
 Station2: Find the volume of each: a)
rubber stopper and b) 5 pennies. Record it
in mL. Compare the densities of diet and
regular soda by placing each in a tank of
water. Make a hypothesis on why your
results occurred.
1. If the measurements of a metal bar are 10 cm, 5 cm and 2 cm, what
is the volume of the metal bar?
2. John recorded the mass of a wooden block as 212 grams. Suppose
the block was massed on the moon. Would you expect its mass to be
the same? How about its weight?
3. If a book had a mass of 35 grams, and a volume of 40 cm3 would the
book float in water?
4. 75 mL of water was measured. An object was carefully dropped
into the graduated cylinder. The water level rose to 90 mL. What is
the volume of the rock?
5. If the mass of an object is 30 grams and the volume of the 15 mL,
what is the density?
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