Skills Review Quiz

CSC 118 – Week 1 Quiz
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1. The two most common input devices are _______ and _______.
A) keyboard, speakers
B) mouse, keyboard
C) mouse, speakers
D) keyboard, printer
2. _________ is considered an input device
A) LCD Monitor
B) Flash drive
C) Impact Printer
D) None of these
3. _____ is a set of detailed instructions given to a computer.
A) CPU - Central Processing Unit
B) A computer program
C) An input device
D) None of these
4. ______ is an example of an operating system.
A) Word
B) Excel
C) Windows
D) PowerPoint
5. _____ is a storage device that plugs into a USB port on a computer or mobile
A) Flash drive
B) Thumb drive
C) Pen drive
D) All of these
6. A printer that doesn't strike the paper to create a printed document is ______.
A) Laser printer
B) Dot-matrix printer
C) Impact printer
D) None of these
7. _______ is when the computer is turned on and the operating system is loading.
A) Booting
B) Running
C) Connecting
D) None of these
8. Allows user to create slides for a presentation.
A) Word
B) Excel
C) Access
D) PowerPoint
9. _________ is an output device.
A) CPU - Central Processing Unit
C) LCD Monitor
B) Mouse
D) None of these
10. The main circuit board of the system unit is the _____.
A) Computer program
B) Control unit
C) Motherboard
D) None of these
11. World's largest network that connects millions of businesses, government
agencies, educational institutions, and individuals.
B) Internet
D) None of these
12. _____ conveys meaning and is useful to one or more people.
A) The control unit
B) Information
C) Memory
D) None of the above
13. ________ is an example of an application software.
A) Windows
B) Mac OS X
C) Linux
D) Word
14. Collectively, the four operations of input, process, output and storage is
considered to be the _____.
A) information processing cycle
B) computer processing cycle
C) motherboard processing cycle
D) none of the above
15. Hard disks, optical disks and floppy disks are all examples of _______.
A) Input devices
B) Output devices
C) Storage devices
D) Networking devices
16. ____ is a collection of unprocessed items.
A) Information
B) Data
C) Computer program
D) None of these
17. Organizations that supply connections to the Internet for a fee.
A) ISP - Internet Service Provider
B) Brower
C) ISP - Internet System Provider
D) WWW - World Wide Web
18. Any hardware component used to enter data is a(n) _____.
A) Input device
B) Output device
C) Control Unit
D) None of these
19. Billions of documents linked together, also called the Web is _____.
A) World Wide Web
B) Computer system
C) Network
D) None of these
20. _____ make information resulting from processing available for use.
A) Input devices
B) Computer programs
C) Output devices
D) None of these