Basic Voc. Power Point

Basic Computer
Quiz 1
What is…
 an instruction that causes a computer to
perform a task?
What is..
 a very, small portable, solid-state hard
drive that can be inserted into a USB port
for storage and retrieval of data?
flash drive
What is…
 a flexible disk that stores computer data?
floppy disk
What is…
 any part of a computer system that you
can see or touch?
What is…
 a list of commands for you to choose
What is…
 a piece of hardware that displays text
and graphics from a computer?
What is…
 a group of computers connected together
to share information and/or hardware?
What is…
 a set of electronic instructions that tells a
computer what to do?
What is…
 it called when information is handled by a
computer’s brain known as the CPU?
What is…
 the information that comes out of a
computer after it has been processed?
 Hint: The information comes out on
devices such as a printer or a computer
What is …
 a flashing symbol on the computer
screen that shows where the information
you enter will appear?
What is …
 the styles of type available on a
What is …
 a piece of hardware connected to a
computer and used to enter information
and instructions?
What is …
 a piece of hardware that links your
computer to other computers and
information services through telephone
What is …
 a hand-held device used to move or
select items on a screen?
What is …
 a piece of hardware that produces a
paper copy of information from a
What is ….
 it called when information is entered into
a computer?
 Hint: Some common devices for this
include keyboard, mouse, and scanner.
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