Senior Math Syllabus Mrs. Christina Watkins, 2014

Senior Math Syllabus
Lower Dauphin High School
Mrs. Christina Watkins, 2014-2015
[email protected], Room 908
Objective: This course will include a review of basic arithmetic and algebraic skills, while focusing
primarily on personal finance topics and applications. The objective of the course is to prepare
students for post-secondary plans, including work, military service, community college or technical
school. This course is not appropriate for students who plan to attend a four year college or
1. Calculations of Compensation
2. Calculations of Consumption
3. Equations and Expressions
4. Interest and Depreciation
5. Taxation
6. Borrowing and Saving
7. Graphing Equations and Systems of Equations
8. Insurance
9. Statistics
* Projects on financial topics(budgeting, housing, insurance, banking, investments)
1. Students are expected to come to class prepared to work, which includes bringing
a pencil. You may purchase a pencil if you do not bring one with you. You should
have a calculator to use, but may borrow one from me.
2. Students will keep textbook and class folder in the classroom unless doing make-up work
due to absences. Textbook is available at
3. Students are expected to be respectful of the teacher and other students in the class and
follow all school rules, including the following:
a. Show up on time and prepared for class.
b. Keep hands, feet, objects, and inappropriate remarks to yourself.
c. Maintain focus on lesson/activity.
d. Raise your hand to be recognized in class.
e. Do not abuse bathroom privileges. You must sign out to leave the room.
f. Refrain from bringing food/drink to class
4. Students will not be permitted to use cell phones during class unless instructed
to by teacher. There will be times to use apps on phone in class.
Phones should be put on silent mode and put away before class begins each day.
Students who refuse to follow this policy will be referred to the office for discipline.
5. Students will be assigned a class partner which will change each marking period.
If a student does not follow class rules, he or she may lose the privilege of having a
Grading Policies:
Grades will be determined on a total point basis. Points can be earned from warm-ups,
daily individual practice assignments, homework, projects, quizzes and tests.
Warm-ups are like getting prepared to work—clocking in and getting out equipment.
Some warm-ups will be on paper, others may be on-line activities.
Class Assignments:
Assignments will be given on a daily basis. On most days, students should finish these
assignments during the class period. Individual practice work will be turned in each class
periodand graded with the following rubric:
3—mostly correct, all problems attempted with work shown.
2—More than half attempted, mostly correct with work shown.
1—Less than half attempted, mostly correct with work shown.
0—less than half attempted, mostly incorrect
* 0 assignments can be redone for extra point with permission.
The teacher reserves the right to give homework as necessary if individual class practice is
not sufficient to master skills.
Tests will be given at the conclusion of each unit. Quizzes will be given at the discretion of
the teacher, to check for understanding of concepts within each unit.
Make Up Work:
Check bin in front of room for handouts. Copy missed notes from a reliable classmate.
You have one day for each day missed to make up assignments.
All unexcused absences will result in zeros for that work, including tests and quizzes.
Your success in this course depends on your effort and your attitude. You will be given
opportunities to complete work in class and earn points for each assignment completed. It is up to
you to take advantage of this course, which will teach you real life uses of math.
I have read and understand the Syllabus, Rules and Expectations, and PED Policy.
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