8th Grade Math 2014-2015
Ms. Stow
Room 203
E Team
This course will examine problem solving strategies, solving equations & functions, scientific notation,
graphing lines, slope & rate of change, writing equations in multiple forms, linear regression,
geometry concepts, systems of equations, and linear programming. These concepts will be learned
through a variety of ways including teacher guidance, applying concepts to real world situations,
discussions, working in groups, pairs and individually.
Connected Mathematics 3 by Fey, J., Fitzgerald, W., Friel, S., Lappan, G., Phillips, E. (2014)
Teacher made materials
Math Notebook
-includes Warm-Ups, Math Notebooks(organization), and Notebook quizzes
Formal Assessments
-includes quizzes and tests
-includes the participation grading sheet, classwork, and performance tasks
I do give homework almost every night. It will be extra practice of what was learned in class
that day. As soon as you enter the room you should take out your homework and place it in
your class bin. When the bell rings you should be seated and can begin the warm-up.
Alternative Assessments
Warm-Ups: Warm-ups are given at the start of class every day. These will be kept in your
notebooks and will be periodically checked and graded based on completion. Warm ups will
be similar to the previous night’s homework problems.
Math Notebooks: Your notebook should consist of four labeled tabs (Warm-Ups,
Notes/Classwork, Homework, Quizzes/Tests). All notes and homework should have the date
and topic written at the top of each page. There will periodic open notebook quizzes to make
sure you are keeping your notebook neat and in order.
Classwork: This includes any notes, worksheets, and group work that is completed during
class time. This will be checked based on completion and effort.
Participation: Participation is important in this class. I encourage you to ask questions, discuss
topics with other students, and come prepared to class every day.
Performance Tasks: These tasks are mini-projects/activities that may be completed in class or
at home to assess you understanding of the given material.
My goal in this class is for everyone to achieve. With that said, the following outlines my make-up
policies for tests, quizzes, projects, and homework.
Missed Class: I will allow make-ups on tests and quizzes when the student has an excused
absence. If you cut class it will be an automatic zero.
Unexpected Grade: If you receive a grade on a test or quiz that you are not happy with we can
discuss the means of re-taking that assignment. It will be your responsibility to talk to me
within one day of receiving the graded assignment about re-taking it.
Missed Homework/Project : Forgetting things happens. I will give three late day excuses for
the quarter. This means that if you forgot an assignment you can turn it in the following day
for FULL credit.
Regular attendance is important for success in anything you do. Please be on time and present every
day. With that being said the attendance policy is as follows:
3 tardies= 1 absence
1 cut= 3 absences
8 absences= failing grade for the quarter
28 absences or over=failure for the year
Students should come prepared for class with necessary supplies daily. Being prepared for class
means having:
 A pencil with an eraser
 A 3-ring binder (preferably 1” or ½”) with four dividers
 Any assignments due for the day
 Personal calculator (If you wish to have your own)
Units (CMP3 Book)
1. Linear and inverse variation (Thinking with Mathematical Models)
2. Expressions and equations (Say it With Symbols)
3. Systems of linear equations (It’s in the System)
4. Exponential functions (Growing, Growing, Growing)
5. Pythagorean theorem (Looking for Pythagoras)
6. Symmetry and transformations (Butterflies, Pinwheels, and Wallpaper)
Extra Help
Extra help can be scheduled by appointment before or after school. All I ask is that you ask in a
timely manner so I can make sure I am available. Extra help is the time for students to go over
previous material, ask questions, re-do assignments, etc. No question is too silly. If you are
uncomfortable asking for help in class please come to Extra Help.
I am looking forward to a great year with you all! Parent contact is encouraged throughout the year,
and communication is important to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time with
questions or concerns. The goal is to get your child prepared for high school mathematics. My email
address can be found at the top of the syllabus. Below is a slip that must be filled out and returned
to me. Thank you for your cooperation! Let’s have a great year.
Please return this page for your first homework grade of the quarter
Student’s Name_______________________________ Student’s Signature ___________________________________
Guardian’s Name _____________________________ Guardian’s Signature __________________________________
Phone Number _______________________________ Email _________________________________________________
Whom I will speak with _______________________ Whose email ________________________________________
Best time to call ______________________________