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King Tutankhamen
The Great Discovery
Rachel Andrew
6 Oct 1922
Breaking News
Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamen’s
(King Tut’s) Tomb only yesterday! Robbers had
entered his tomb, how do we know? The robbers
had dropped a bag of gold rings on the old dusty
floor! So far we have to guess what else they
could have taken! There was a solid gold mask
found covering the head and shoulders of King
Tut’s Mummy. King Tut came face to face with
death only at 18 years old! Drawings and pictures
helped us know about his daily life. And guess
this they believed in the afterlife, he was buried
with his treasures to go to the afterlife.
The Brief Life of King Tut
King Tut met death by malaria. King Tut was only
9 years old when he first became the Pharoah. He
ruled for 10 years, and was one of the best known
Pharoahs. Since he had a sudden death the people
could only make a small tomb for him.
Tutankhaman was from the 18th Dynasty. His
death mask was made of gold, semi – precious
stones and coloured glass paint. King
Tut ruled upper and lower Egypt. Howard Carter
discovered King Tut’s Tomb in 1922. The tomb
was in good condition. It looked like the robbers
had dropped the bag of gold rings in haste. As he
was so young most of the decision making was
made by two senior figures. The most likely cause
of death was a blow to the back of the head or a
broken leg which then became infected. He was
really called Tutankhaten. His mother was called
King Tut’s death mask
The Pharoah’s curse!
Howard Carter’s discovery came from Lord
Carnovon. A few weeks after the official opening
of King Tut’s burial chamber, Carnovon died
from an infected mosquito bite on his cheek.
When they lifted King Tut’s death mask, he had
the exact same mosquito bite in the same place on
his cheek as Carnovon. At the same time of
Carnovon’s death, the lights in Cairo went out,
and back at home Carnovon’s dog howled and
dropped dead. What was also quite spooky was
that Howard Carter’s pet Canery was eaten by a
snake on the opening of the tomb. A number of
people involved in King Tut’s tomb also died
shortly afterwards.
Well I guess that is the end of King Tut and The
Great Discovery!