graduation information - Scituate Public Schools

Welcome to The Scituate High School Graduation Information page. Congratulations to our seniors as they embark on
graduation festivities for the Class of 2016. This is a time to prepare for the future and to enjoy the remaining events of
Scituate High School in the upcoming months.
University Cap and Gown will be providing caps and gowns for seniors. The cost is $20.50 (extra tassels are $4.00). If you
have not been measured or still have a balance, please see Ms. Hunter!!!!
Remember that every day is a full day of school unless noted. Students taking Advanced Placement Exams must be in
attendance all day. During seniors’ last week please do not disrupt the entire school building as classes will still be in
session. Costumes are not allowed. Please understand that you, as a senior, are responsible for your actions and
choices. Please choose wisely. Any senior who disrupts the school day for teachers and underclassmen inside or outside
this building will not be welcome at any planned events and will face exclusion from graduation.
Any student who violates Scituate High School behavioral expectations may not be permitted to participate in graduation
ceremonies or the All Night Party. Any student under the influence, in possession or in the presence of alcohol or drugs
MAY NOT walk in graduation.
Graduation rehearsal starts promptly at 9:00 am. Please be punctual. In order to participate in graduation you must
attend graduation rehearsals. If there is an issue, please meet with an Administrator BEFORE graduation week begins.
During your last graduation rehearsal (June 9) you will pick up your cap and gown and your admission tickets. Please
take care not to LOSE your tassel.
Tickets (4) are distributed to each senior once all school business has been finalized. These tickets are used if the
ceremony is held in the gymnasium. School business includes returning all books to appropriate Department Chairs,
returning all Library books and athletic equipment, and paying all outstanding obligations including cafeteria account .
Call Ms. Hunter at ext. 363 with questions
May 31-June 3, 2016
Return text books, library books and athletic equipment. If you have lost a
book/equipment etc.. see Mr. Duffey or Ms. Hunter for further information.
Students with outstanding obligations including cafeteria balances will not
receive a cap and gown until these obligations are met.
This is a non-denominational service for all seniors and their families.
Return text books, library books and athletic equipment
Return text books, library books and athletic equipment
Return text books, library books and athletic equipment.
This is not the time to find out you have lost books! Students with outstanding
obligations will not receive a cap and gown.
All seniors must arrive at the high school by 4:45. Please come prepared with your cap, gown
and tassel. Line up outside the small gym.
Graduation will be held on the football field (weather permitting)