Senior Countdown 2015
Senior Surveys in homeroom during Advisor/Advisee Time
**You MUST complete this survey in HR; if you do not, a hold will
be placed and you will not be able to pick up your cap/gown
Wednesday, April 15
South Baldwin Education Foundation Interviews @3:15
Wednesday, April 29
South Baldwin Education Foundation Pictures from 8:00 – 10:00 AM
in library
Thursday, April 30 - During 3rd block
Elberta Elementary School Luncheon
**All seniors who attended EES are invited to attend this lunch; see
Ms. Harrison for a FT form
Thursday – Thursday, April 30 – May 8
Purchase Handprints from Ms. Andersen; $5; handprints will go on
the wall in the order that they were purchased and by appointment
Friday – Monday, May 1-4
Senior Class Trip to Universal Studios/Disney World
Monday, May 4 – Friday, May 8
Senior MacBook Return
**Mr. Gardner will run extended hours for those seniors who do NOT
need their MacBooks for exams; seniors may turn in their Macs at the
helpdesk from 7:00 AM – HR or after school until 4:00.
Thursday, May 7
Senior Exams: 3rd and 4th A Day and skinny
Thursday, May 7
Academic Banquet @ First Baptist Church, Foley @ 6:00 PM
**This banquet in an invitation only event
Friday, May 8
Senior Exams: 1st and 2nd B day – Last full day for seniors
**After 2nd block exams all seniors that need to turn in
MacBooks/Chargers/MacPacks will report to the cafeteria
Monday, May 11
Senior Final Exams: 3rd, 4th block/B day
Tuesday, May 12
Senior Final Exams: 1st, 2nd block/A day
**Seniors: On Monday (5/11) and Tuesday (5/12) you will only report to those classes in which you have an exam!
Wednesday, May 13
Senior Make-up exams
Thursday, May 14
Cap and gown pick-up in the Gym:
1:00 – 2:00; only seniors who are clear of all fees will pick up their
cap/gown. The class picture will in the gym immediately following
pick-up (2:15ish)
**Pay for class and graduation pictures today
**Be prompt! NO caps/gowns will be distributed after 3:00!
Friday, May 15
Baccalaureate Practice @ First Baptist Church, Foley @ 8:30 AM
**You MUST participate in practice in order to participate in
Friday, May 15
Senior Awards Night: 6:00 PM @ Foley Civic Center
**Those receiving awards will be sent invitations, but all seniors are
welcome to attend.
Sunday, May 17
Baccalaureate @First Baptist Church, Foley @ 7:00 PM
**No graduate will be seated once the program starts
**MANDATORY DRESS: Boys: dress shirt, tie, dark dress pants,
dark socks, dress shoes (brown, black, or navy), graduation
gown Girls: Sunday dress – NO STRAPLESS DRESSES – dress
shoes, graduation gown
Monday, May 18
MANDATORY Graduation Practice @ Ivan Jones Stadium @ 8:00
**IT WILL BE HOT!!! Wear shorts, t-shirt, flip flops
Monday, April 13
GRADUATION @ Ivan Jones Stadium @ 7:00 PM; Seniors need to be
lined up by 6:15 PM
**MANDATORY DRESS: same as Baccalaureate (see above) but also
includes cap and tassel. Turn in your gown at the end zone concession
stand to receive your diploma. All gowns must be turned in BEFORE
leaving. They will be shipped back the next day. You will be charged if
your gown is not returned.
Who to see for what:
Fees Owed: Mrs. Gartman, Mrs. Nichols
Books, Lockers: Mrs. Gartman, Mrs. Nichols, Mr. Wilson
MacBooks and Mac related issues: Mr. Gardner @ the Help Desk
Graduation Pictures: Mrs. K.
Everything Else: Mrs. K.
Teachers will be given the following information:
Please turn in the name of any senior student making an F for the term to Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Lores
when you turn in your grade sheets. Do not put an I or an N for a grade unless you have discussed it
with Mr. Tucker. Please make sure that the names of all senior students who owe fees have been
turned in to Mrs. Gartman prior to MAY 11. We will hold their cap/gown until they are cleared.
Attention Seniors:
If there are any conflicts with any scheduled activity, you are to get permission from Mr. Tucker prior
to the activity to be excused, otherwise your absence will be considered unexcused and the given
consequences will follow. However, you are being given plenty of time to make arrangements to be
able to participate in all of the activities from your exams to graduation night. PLAN AHEAD NOW!
You will NOT be allowed to pick up your cap and gown nor participate in graduation activities if you
owe money for fees, books, MacBooks, chargers, MacPacks, athletic attire, fines, etc… Please make
sure your record is clear as soon as possible. See Mrs. Gartman if you have any questions regarding
monies owed.
You have been given a dress code for graduation activities. Anyone who is not dressed properly for
Baccalaureate or graduation will not be allowed to participate in that activity. Please do no test this
policy. It would be a shame for your family to attend and you not be able to participate. If you have
any questions about your clothing, please see Mrs. K.
Our graduation ceremony is a formal occasion. You have worked very hard for this night, and you will
remember it for the rest of your lives. Show pride in your school, your classmates, and yourself by
behaving appropriately.
At graduation, your tassel on the cap is placed to the right before the diploma is presented. Please
remember to pause when accepting your diploma for your handshake picture.
Please ask all family to remain in the stands until after the graduation ceremony is over. Also, please
ask them to keep their cheering at a minimum as it usually drowns out the name of the graduate
behind you.
In case of rain, graduation will be held in the high school gym with only close family members
attending. If it appears that this could happen, tickets will be issued at graduation practice.
Because handicapped seating has been added to the stands, we no longer have special seating on the
If you have any uniforms that you no longer plan to wear, please donate them to our clothes closet.
You may drop them off with Mrs. Beverly in the front office.