Behavior Problem Scenarios

Behavior Problem Scenarios
Scenarios: Prior to the training session, cut out these five scenarios and paper clip them together. Give a
stack to each group of three in the role-play activity.
Situation 1:
You are going over double digit multiplication problems. As you do, you begin Cold Calling students to
talk about both the process and the answers to each step. Some students are repeatedly calling out the
answers to your questions. They giggle when you first ask them to desist.
Situation 2:
You turn off the lights so students can see the PowerPoint you created for the day’s lesson. Each time
the lights are turned completely off, a couple of the students start throwing pencils and making animal
Situation 3:
Clearly disappointed in her test grades, Kathryn always challenges your grading of the tests. In an effort
to seem accommodative, you once relented on strict scoring for one minor point, but this has only
emboldened her, and she now calls openly for you to “be more fair” with the grading.
Situation 4:
You are giving directions for how to transition to your next activity (going over yesterday’s test) when
two students in your class begin discussing the game they want to play at recess. One of the students
adamantly claims that she wasn’t talking when you know she was.
Situation 5:
You are waiting outside of the lunchroom monitoring students walking from lunch to their elective
classes. Your school has a no cell phone policy and when teachers see a phone, they must collect it, turn
it into the office, and the student can pick up the phone for a fee of $10. You see a high school student
that you do not teach pull a phone out of his pocket to show a friend a picture. You approach him and
ask him for the phone, as he slips it into his pocket and claims to not have one.