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Annotated Drawing of an Archaeological Site

Task: Create an original drawing of an archaeological excavation (dig site) showing all six archaeological

specialists (archaeologist, botanist, chemist, geologist, linguist, paleoanthropologist) we have been studying in class. This drawing should be at least A3 size and colorful! You may choose to have a general dig site that could apply to many civilizations, or you could focus on one ancient civilization that you know about. Most of all, be creative yet accurate!

Archaeological Excavation Rubric


1 Correctly done in the right location (on the back right-hand corner)


Accurate, creative, and DETAILED descriptions of all six of the archaeological specialists noted in speech, thought or other description bubbles. 1 point will be given for a complete and accurate description of each specialist.


2 All illustrations clearly show the roles of the six specialists

1 The illustrations mostly show the roles of the six specialists or some clearly show and some are less clear.

0 No pictures show the roles of the six specialists


2 points, drawings are very detailed, original and reflect effort.

1 point, drawings have some detail, are somewhat original and reflect some effort

0 Drawings have little to no detail, originality and reflect very little effort.


4 Very neat: it is clear you planned your drawing on a another piece of paper before starting; you used pencil to sketch your dig site before tracing over all lines in pen; space is used well and everything has a clear place. Color is effectively used throughout and reflects strong effort.

3 Mostly neat: you may have planned or used pencil before tracing over in pen; most space is used well, though there may be a little crowding of pictures/writing in some places. Color is used throughout, though may not fully be effective.

Some effort is reflected in the coloring techniques.

1-2 Somewhat neat: you show a little planning though it may still all be in pencil.

Space is unclear or too crowded with other parts left ‘wide-open’. Color may or may not be used but is not effective or sloppy.

0 Messy: no planning is apparent and there are large blank spaces present.


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