Adrian Underhill & Steve Hirschhorn

Center of Applied Learning Inaugural Workshop
Adrian Underhill & Steve Hirschhorn
9.00 registration and welcome
9.30 Steve Hirschhorn
a glance back: informed eclecticism
'Informed Eclecticism' is a term I coined to mean a way of being in the classroom which takes advantage of some of the previous
extraordinary approaches, methods and techniques which may still have major relevance in today's language teaching classrooms,
being absolutely in line with current thinking and research. This workshop will offer teachers insights into some of the jewels we, as
a profession, have left behind in our search for the 'Super Method'!
10.45 break
11.15 Adrian Underhill
Pronunciation: Integrating the Cinderella of ELT
We talk about integrating pronunciation into language learning, but in teacher training and in materials development pronunciation
remains the outsider. I will suggest two underlying reasons for this outsider status and for the lack of integration of pronunciation, and
propose a practical solution for each. I will then offer some hands-on insight into how to liberate learners from the ‘grip’ of their mother
tongue phonetic set, and how to go through the ‘embarrassment barrier’ so often associated with pronunciation work, so that
pronunciation can be a prime motivator. I will also illustrate how the phonemic chart offers a mental map and a ‘whiteboard for
12.30 lunch break
13.30 pronunciation part 2
14.15 break
14.45 Adrian Underhill
Demand High: Are we challenging the full learning potential of our students?
This workshop explores whether 'covering material' can sometimes distract us from challenging the full learning potential of our
students, and whether our course books perhaps inevitably focus on the mechanics of task rather than on learning itself. I will develop
that proposal for you to push against, and then suggest ways to make supportive and creatively demanding interventions in both
planned activities and spontaneous responses to student utterances. These interventions automatically adjust to the individual
student’s learning edge at that moment within the larger group. You will be able to apply these ideas and develop them further
according to your individual teaching style and course book
16.15 attendance certificates
Date: September 11th 2015 Venue: CAL, Adolfsallee 59 D-65185 Wiesbaden
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