Syllabus - Linda`s ESL Classes

Advanced Speaking and Pronunciation
Instructor: Linda O'Roke
Course Description
This course will allow you to practice effective communication in everyday, academic, and
professional situations through the use of individual and group presentations, oral reports
and summaries, debates and discussions, in conjunction with pronunciation exercises.
Course Objectives
This class will help you feel more comfortable speaking in English. We will focus on:
 Classroom Discussions
 Business Presentations
 Formal Speeches
 Telephoning
 Social Situations
 Pronunciation Skills
Grades will be based on:
 Homework 35%
 In-Class Discussions 15%
 Demonstrative Speech 10%
 Persuasive Speech 10%
 Business Presentation 10%
 Problem-Solving Group Presentation 10%
 Mock Job Interview 10%
Required Text
There is no required paper book for students. However, you need to buy a three-ring
binder for the course. You will be expected to bring your binder to each class.
Filming and Feedback
Each formal speech you give will be filmed and sent to you. You will be required to
watch your speech and complete a self-evaluation form as part of the assignment.
While students are giving speeches, their classmates will be required to fill out feedback
Attendance and Punctuality
Attendance is mandatory. Three absences of the course of the semester will result in
you being dropped from the class. If you have a serious problem, let me know and if it is
possible, I will let you make up the work. If you are absent, check the class website to
download any handouts and to find out what homework was given. Being absent does
not mean you are not responsible for the homework given.
Try to get to class on time. Often we will be start class with a pair or group work activity.
Class Participation
In class, you will be responsible for asking and answering questions, participating fully
in group and class work, and helping the class run smoothly. It is very important to
participate in all class discussions and activities, and to use every opportunity the
teacher provides to speak English. This is the best way to get the most out of class
A majority of the English spoken is between non-native English speakers. A
fundamental skill is to be able to communicate with colleagues who may have an accent
you are not used it hearing. Interacting across language and cultural boundaries is an
important aim for the class and an excellent way to challenge your communication skills.
As a result, group and pair work is an important component of the course. During group
and pair work, you are expected to behave respectfully towards your classmates and to
listen closely to what they say.
Homework will be given at the end of every class. Sometimes your homework will
prepare you for a class discussion. Other times it will be collected and graded. Make
sure you do all assignments give. Incomplete assignments will receive an F grade.
Student Learning Outcomes
The student learning outcomes from this class are:
1. Speak with confidence, fluency, and control in formal and informal oral communication.
2. Recognize and correct pronunciation and speech problems that impede successful
communication in the classroom, on the, job, and in everyday life.
Specifically, the students who successfully complete this course will be able to:
1. Communicate effectively and appropriately in everyday conversations, and academic
and work-related situations.
2. Use appropriate body language as a speaker and listener.
3. Pronounce English intelligibly; control the stress, intonation, and tone of their speech;
utilize correct phrasing and phrase reductions.
Students may also be required to:
1. Perform essential communicative functions such as inform, report, explain, persuade,
critique, justify, etc.
2. Be aware of and control the emotional content of their speech for effective
3. Memorize and rehearse dialogues and plays
4. Use new vocabulary and grammar structures effectively
5. Distinguish register, dialect, and slang.