L4 pronunciation task

Assessment Instructions Sheet
Certificate II in Routine English Language Skills
NSWTLRN213A Pronunciation Features (elements 1 & 2)
Assessment Title: Action Plan
Assessment method: Self-Assessment
Task purpose: To devise a plan to improve own pronunciation
Student Instructions:
Complete the Action Plan using information from the brainstorming session and feedback
from your teacher.
Your Action Plan should identify your own English pronunciation issues, based on which
to plan strategies for improvement and to set up goals to achieve in this semester. Your
Action Plan should also include a timeline of action review and self reflection.
Some examples of difficult pronunciation features and barriers for L4 students
Stress / pausing / inappropriate use of the schwa
Vowel sounds e.g. short vowels
Consonant sound e.g. th / l vs n / l vs r
Intonation / tone
Fossilization / age / lack of time to practice
How to improve pronunciation?
1. Record yourself and listen to own mistakes
2. Practise talking more with native speakers
3. Use dictionaries/on line dictionary to improve own pronunciation
4. Say the last consonant sound louder
5. Speak English in class even with someone from the same first language background
Own pronunciation goals may include
Speak well at work, in community, and/or in class
Improve own listening and speaking skills over the phone
Improve fluency especially for interviews
Develop native fluency
10750 CII in RELS/NSWTELS213A Identify a variety of pronunciation features V1