Q & A

Query # 1
We noticed that partial bids are acceptable. Does this extend to providing a % of some line items? Or is
the expectation for 100% of each line item bid for?
Reply: Partial bids are acceptable; you can quote for the item (s) that fall in your product range. Also
partial proposal for each item is acceptable, you can quote for the quantities required by one field or
Query # 2
Is the supply of samples by 23 December for each line item bid for an absolute requirement? And
Query #3: For last years, we had send samples for several items requested in this bid, for this bid we will
be offering the same items from the same manufacturers. Kindly advise if samples should be sending
again for this bid.
Reply: Please be informed that samples are needed for the technical evaluation; if it is not possible to
provide the samples by the closure date, you may sent them later but this will affect the delay in the
technical evaluation process, therefore, in your proposal please specify the date that you will deliver the
samples by and then we will study if we can wait for the samples or not.
Query # 4
Whether, under Item code No. 357310, you are requesting Levo + EE + FF/Placebo or Ethynodiol
Diacetate. If the product will be for Non-Breast Feeders, or for Breast Feeded.
Reply: Please be advised that the item is for none breast feeders. The detailed specification is: “Each
Sachet contains 21 hormonal tablets, each with 0.15 mg (BP), Levonorgesterol, 0.03 mg (BP)
Ethinylestradiol, with or without additional 7 Ferrous Fumarate or placebo tablets.”