PP E-Sol Presentation_006 - E

This is the bid
constants page
where you set the
pricing parameters.
It can be set once
and left, or
tweaked from job
to job as needed.
This is based on
your company’s
historical data and
what you know
your rates need to
Richard’s knowledge of On Screen Take-off and how
to customize it to meet our specific needs really
brought our estimating department to a whole new
level. The Excel interface he created for us gives us
the ability to import our OST data directly into Excel
where we can price and summarize our bids with the
speed, clarity, flexibility and accuracy that we never
dreamed possible! The custom pivot table summary
views of our bids are simple and elegant yet extremely
powerful. The ability to summarize to the highest level
or drill down to the smallest detail with just a click
really gives us confidence that our bids are complete
and accurate. These tools really helped us simplify
and standardize our bids to face increasingly complex
bid requirements. We can’t imagine living without
Terry D. McCoy, CPA
Chief Financial Officer