Q & A # 1 - Hogbid - University of Arkansas

Associate Vice Chancellor Business Affairs
July 24, 2015
Question and Answer 1
Bid R572782
Hematology Analyzer
Question 1:
Will the University consider/accept any exceptions to the Terms and Conditions?
Answer 1:
The document that the vendor signs is the standard terms and conditions for a
bid agreeing with the terms and conditions. We do not accept exceptions to the
standard terms and conditions of the bid.
If a separate contract is generated by the awarded vendor that is required in
addition to the PO award for the bid award, we can negotiate terms and
conditions of the resulting contract.
Please remember to sign the terms and conditions, otherwise the bid response
cannot be considered and will be disqualified.
If you have any further questions please contract Karen Walls by email at
Thank You,
Linda Hickman
U of A Purchasing
Bid Clerk
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