MCS Noble Middle School

MCS Noble Middle School
School Improvement Team
8 May 2013
Members Present:
Wade Smith, Britt Rogers, Glenn Galloway, Victoria Chenault, Sandy Behrmann,
Lori Tufts, Lesli Keegan, Marcia Kallfelz, Camille McKeon, Francie Godwin, Kent
I. Schedule for MSLs (especially allocating time for scoring)
a. Merging of classes is a possibility
b. Possible rotation using Unified Arts to cover fourth period classes
c. Mr. Smith will meet with grade levels to come up with a plan for this issue
II. Dress Code Issues
a. No consequences seen for dress code violations
b. Is more leniency needed with dress code
c. Button downs being allowed would open the possibility of more problems with
dress code
d. Plaid shorts are ok with most
e. Outerwear is defined in the handbook
f. Enforcement seems to be where the problem occurs
g. Teachers need to pay attention to dress code issues
h. Do rules of enforcement need to be stricter for next year
i. We do not have a “uniform” anymore, it is more of a dress code
j. Sports teams should wear their uniform top with a t-shirt underneath and
appropriate dress code bottoms
k. Teams allowed to dress up per coach’s supervision
l. If that team can’t follow the dressing up directions then only that team should be
m. Wording allowing clubs/groups/athletics to dress up per coach’s directive needs to
be instituted so that all members understand it is a privilege and one that can be
lost due to not following dress code instructions
III. Changes to student handbook in the planner for next year
a. Changes are for pages 2 – 7
b. Update Eagle Society information
c. Should it be added that students are to leave their cell phones in their lockers
d. Visitors to be escorted to classes needs to be added
e. Minimize the dance section
f. Rogers and Marshall will continue with editing this information
IV. Other Questions/Concerns
a. It is a busy time of year