Permission to Work Out of Hours in Laboratories

The named laboratory user must ensure that this permission is readily
available for examination by any person who requests it at any time the
user is carrying out laboratory work out of hours.
Department of …………………………..
Permission to Work Out of Hours in Laboratories
Normal working hours for academic departments are considered to be 08:00 – 18:00 hrs. Outside these
times there are fewer staff in attendance, and assistance in cases of illness or accident is less easy to
Working in laboratories out of hours is therefore only allowed with the specific prior written
permission of the Principal Investigator who will keep a copy of the completed form. This form will
allow the named user to carry out specified activities in the named laboratories out of normal
working hours.
Please note: when equipment is running overnight, there must be prominent signs displayed clearly
instructing how equipment should be turned off in the event of an emergency
Each laboratory user must be:
accompanied by or within call of another person while working in the laboratory out of hours;
fully aware of the safety procedures of the laboratory concerned including any required emergency
shut-down procedures;
fully aware of the emergency evacuation procedure and location of relevant break glass call points
and the evacuation assembly point;
able to call Security for emergency assistance including First Aid.
The following activities are banned while working out of hours:
insert relevant banned activities such as
use of HF acid or other named materials;
decanting of acids/flammables from large to small containers;
moving acids/other named substances around the department;
use of specific equipment.
Failure to follow this procedure will result in being barred from working in
laboratories out of normal working hours.
Name of laboratory user
Laboratory locations and room numbers
Write specifics of your project here. You must list all activities you will perform out of hours in the laboratories.
Anything not mentioned in this space is strictly not allowed out of hours.
I agree to abide by the working out of hours procedure as outlined above.
Laboratory User Signature
Principal Investigator Signature
General permissions to work out of hours in laboratories will be reviewed on an annual basis, or sooner if
any aspect of the work changes.