American Colonies Emerge

American Colonies Emerge
Chapter 2
Spain’s American Empire
Section 1
Cortes Conquers Mexico
Hernando Cortes – conquistador
Came to America in search of gold
Aztec capital Tenochtitlan
Gains trust of Montezuma
Over takes city and people with superior
weapons and disease
Settling the South
Juan Ponce de Leon - Florida
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado leads 1st
expedition to Southwest US (Arizona)
Spanish Missions Formed
– Forced Roman Catholic beliefs on native
– Natives weak from disease
– Looking for help
– Harsh treatment
Cartoon Project
Create a Political Cartoon telling the story
of an interaction between the Spanish and
Native Americans
At least 3 boxes
All original artwork – no computer
Graded on quality and knowledge of event
Possible events: Columbus, Cortez and
the Aztecs, Spanish Missions, etc.
Section 2
Early Jamestown
John Smith and the Virginia Company
– Joint stock company – businesses in which
their wealth for a common purpose
150 original settlers
– Inexperienced, gold fever
Smith created law “no work, no food”
– Help from natives
Hope for Jamestown
Most original settlers died
– Smith goes back to England
2nd wave of settlers no better
– Most died in first winter
New leadership revives colony
– Harsh rules
– $ from tobacco
Activity: Why are laws needed to create
Activity: New Colony
If you were planning on starting a new
town/colony what 10 people would you
want to bring, why would you choose
these people (skills, knowledge???)
Why do you think Jamestown did not have
success in the beginning?
Brown Gold
Tobacco trade saves American colonies
Indentured servants – contacted worker
for a limited time in return for food, shelter
and travel expenses
– Many were African who would gain freedom
Activity: What products keep the American
economy going today? What about Yuma?
Conflict Between Classes
Most colonists had little money and no say
in government
Tax money being misused
Bacon’s Rebellion
– Nathaniel Bacon
Seeking Religious Freedom
Sections 3 and 4
Puritan – religious group wanting to
eliminate Catholic ritual and tradition in the
Pilgrims – Plymouth Colony
John Winthrop – Masachusettes Bay
– “City on a Hill”
– Church and State – strict rules
Separation of Church and State
Roger William and Anne Hutchinson
– Religious freedom
– Tolerance – accepting another's beliefs even if
they are different from your own.