Statement on how Flood Recovery Funding will be spent

Statement on how Flood Recovery Funding will be spent
The River Lea runs through the Borough of Luton from its source in Leagrave Park to beyond the
borough boundary near Luton Airport Parkway train station. In the past there have been incidents of
flooding from the river impacting on traffic movement and accessibility to the town centre. This has
been largely resolved through a successful funding bid to build a flood alleviation scheme north of
the town centre. However, the topography of the town lends itself to localised flooding.
Following the wettest winter on record, which resulted in accelerated deterioration of the boroughs
highway network, Luton Borough Council, (LBC) earmarked an additional £500,000 for highway
maintenance. This funding is in recognition of the value of the public highway and how it impacts on
everyday life, including commerce, access to healthcare, education and so on. In addition to this, in
March 2014, the DfT made available and additional £185.3 million of funding for road repairs, of
which Luton Borough Council received £120,000.
This funding compliments the existing approved funding for 2014/15 as follows;
Local Transport Plan Capital Funding
Luton Borough Council Capital Funding
Luton Borough Council Revenue Funding
Luton Borough Council Road Repairs
A portion of the capital maintenance funding is allocated to the carriageway resurfacing programme
which aims to put in a long term permanent fix while optimising a decreasing budget. Alternative
methods of carriageway treatments have been trialled. This included micro-asphalt, which has been
used to treat surface course defects and limit the ingress of water.
LBC has a robust five year carriageway resurfacing programme that is prioritised based on factors
such as condition surveys. The budgets are optimised by working in tandem with other highway
works such as traffic signal upgrades. This programme is reviewed on an annual basis and reprogrammed as necessary. This programme is then approved by the councils Executive.
The road repair funding will allow for more roads to be treated this financial year. The additional
roads that have been included in the programme have been agreed with the Portfolio Holder.
How the Flood Recovery Funding will be spent
The additional funding received from the DfT will help limit further deterioration of some of the
worst roads in the borough. It will be allocated to carriageway resurfacing to treat those roads that
have experienced the highest rate of deterioration due to the extreme weather. These roads are;
Birdsfoot Lane
From Riddy Lane to Icknield Jnr Sch
Calverton Road
From Icknield Way to shopping area
Sarum Road
Whole length
Mostyn Road
Whole length
Empress Road
Whole length
Luton Borough Council will continue to monitor and review the highway network and will seek
innovative and cost effective solutions to ensure not just the longevity of the highway but also to
ensure it is safe and useable for all highway users.