Climate Local Commitments

Climate Local Commitment
Commitments and actions template:
Climate Local Gedling:
Our commitments and actions
Gedling Borough Council signed the Climate Local Commitment on 22 February 2013
in recognition of the important role that local authorities have in tackling climate change.
In signing the Commitment we pledged to set locally-owned and determined targets and
actions on both mitigation and adaptation and publish these within six months.
The table below sets out our commitments and the actions we will undertake to deliver
them. We will monitor our performance against these actions and report regularly on our
progress. We will also regularly refresh this list of actions to ensure they are up-to-date
and reflect local priorities.
Low carbon pathways
In order to create an ‘energy smart’ low carbon future we make the following commitment(s):
Commitment: We aim to reduce the overall carbon emission in the Borough by 5% below 2010 levels over the
next 5 years
Justification: The Climate Change Act sets legally binding emissions reduction targets for the UK and as the Local
Authority we have to lead from the front in order to make our contribution to national targets
Specific action(s)i
Roll out a fuel poverty reduction programme in the
private rented and owner occupied sector
Target at least 50 boiler
replacements including at least 4
new full heating systems
End April 2013
Promote the Green Deal to residents in the
Hold a Fantastic Homes Promotional
Event complete with a ‘mobile home’
on wheels
End April 2013
Publish a Green Deal information
pack for householders on Council
End April 2013
Commitment: Reduce the overall carbon emissions from the Council estate and operations by 10% over the
next 5 years
Justification: The Council’s dated estate and vast fleet offer a great opportunity for emissions reduction
Specific action(s)
Generate renewable energy for use in Council’s
Explore and where appropriate
implement renewable energy
installations on council property,
following example of solar panels
installed in 2012
1-2 years
Promote sustainable transport means
Increase up to at least 5 the number
of electric and or hybrid vehicles
owned by the Council
5 years
Install at least 2 electric vehicle
charging points within the Borough
May 2013
Roll out a voltage optimisation
project to all appropriate buildings
1-2 years
Reduce Energy use within the Council estate
Engage staff members via
behavioural change campaigns
Climate resilience
In order to adapt to the risks and opportunities that our changing climate will present, we make the following
Commitment: Drafting and maintaining an up to date Sustainability Strategy spelling out actions that the
Council will take to reduce the impact and associated risks of a changing climate in the Borough
Justification: Successful adaptation measures require long term planning (planning for the future) and by coming up
with a strategy the Council can fully prepare itself to reduce vulnerability or facilitate measures to help with reducing the
Borough’s vulnerability to a changing climate
Specific action(s)
Set up a corporate Sustainability Officer Group to
overseer and drive forward mitigation and adaption
actions within the strategy
Continuously engage staff members
across all service areas to build-in
sustainability into their service plas