RE syllabus training March 2014 booking form

Training day for RE teachers 27th March 2014
Bedford Borough – Central Bedfordshire - Luton
Agreed Syllabus RE Training Days:
Better RE: thinking, spirituality,
progress and achievement
The course will enhance teaching and learning in RE in the light of recent
national recommendations
Tutor: Lat Blaylock, RE Today, Consultant to the three SACREs
The Forest Centre Marston Moretaine
Forest of Marston Vale
MK43 0PR (sat nav – use MK43 0PS)
01234 767037
Lat Blaylock
Lat is editor of REtoday magazine. He taught RE, Humanities and PSHE in
Leicester for 11 years. His work is wide-ranging and varied, and includes
advising teachers, schools, SACREs, Dioceses and Local Authorities. His
CPD training courses attract several thousand teachers every year, covering
themes from poetry, art and creativity to assessment, 8 levels scaling and
curriculum planning. He also runs day conferences for gifted and talented
pupils and for 16-19s.
Session one: planning for high standards
Session two: using the levels to improve learning tasks
Session three: evidence of achievement in RE using writing, creativity, discussion
and other forms of expression
Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough and Luton SACRE
Booking Form for RE Training
Better RE: thinking, spirituality, progress
and achievement
27th March 2014
School address
and telephone number:
[ ] places for the whole day at £120
Please return this form
by the end of May to:
Mrs Jane Chipperton
Diocesan RE Adviser
Diocese of St Albans
41 Holywell Hill
St Albans
Tel: 07776 142741
Or email it to Christine Braynis :